Trahan’s wants you to keep your outdoor investment looking great with our full-service maintenance programs. Serving both residential and commercial property owners, our options will give you a stunning property all year round:

Fertilization Program: This program can be tailored to your budget and your needs, and works perfectly for lawns, trees, and shrubs.  

Turf Management: With weekly lawn cuts and reviews throughout the entire growing season, our turf management program keeps your lawn green and strong all season long.  

Site Enhancements: Site enhancements maintain and improve the beauty of the landscaped area. We offer spring, fall, and seasonal clean-ups, and our options include: cleaning beds, mulching, weeding, edging, dethatching, pruning, aeration, and overall general site clean-up with the proper removal and disposal of all debris.

Seasonal Floral Plantings: Our plantings are included in our maintenance services, and are aimed to compliment the beauty of the existing landscape throughout the changing seasons.

Water Garden Maintenance: Use this maintenance program to ensure your koi ponds and waterfalls are functioning properly and efficiently. Customers can also use this to keep plants and water life growing in total harmony.

Pruning: Always use pruning for a purpose. Whether it is to ensure a plentiful harvest, create a beautiful shape, create a hedge or a screen, train an espalier, control size, or just for the overall health of the plant, all need to be done at the appropriate time using the correct tools and techniques.

Maintenance Options:  Trahan’s Landscaping & Designs provides you with the option to select a customized maintenance program that meets your needs and budget at any time.

For more information about our professional maintenance options, please contact Trahan’s Landscaping & Designs at (508) 763-1902 for your FREE in-home estimate!