Koi ponds, pools, fountains, waterfalls, each one of these aquatic elements can add a special beauty, elegance, and uniqueness to your property. They are wonderful to watch, lovely to listen to, and can start friendly and interesting conversations with family and strangers alike!

However, as gorgeous as water accents are, they need to be installed by seasoned professionals with the right experience, knowledge, and understanding. Your water accents need to be installed by the experts at Trahan’s Landscaping & Designs.

At Trahan’s Landscaping & Designs, we have been working with fountains, ponds, pools, and other water features for more than two decades. Whether you own a residential home or a commercial property, when it comes to water, it should always be perfect. 

Let us walk you through the design & installation to give you the knowledge you need to enjoy your personalized water accent, and create an impressive atmosphere for your customers and your family too.

Please see a small sample of our water projects below in our gallery. And, when you want the beauty of water on your property, call Trahan’s Landscaping & Designs at (508) 763-1902 for your FREE in-home estimate.